Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has made most schools to shut down in Malawi and across the globe. So, this has brought a lot of fears to the future of education in Malawi and the other parts of the world. However, this mobile application is bridging the gap in education which has been created so far due to this pandemic. In fact, this application will still be used even after this deadly virus is gone. Maphunziro is here to stay. Download the app now!

The education services available at Maphunziro will assist the learners in Malawi and across the globe to be in line with their studies. At Maphunziro, we have a team of professional teachers who are ready to assist the learners with their academic needs.

 As indicated on each course, there are two payment options to choose:

 1. Use PayPal. This option is available in many countries including Malawi. All what you need to do is to create a PayPal account and link your Debit or Credit card. If your card is declined, visit your bank for more information. Sign up at https://www.paypal.com if you don’t have a PayPal account.


 2. Pay using TNM Mpamba to 0884309833. After you have made the payment, send Transaction ID or Payment ID or Reference ID to this WhatsApp Number: 0884309833 for payment confirmation. Immediately after that you will be given an Enrollment Key that you should use to enroll yourself in your desired subject.

NOTE: In sending your payment, indicate the subject or course you want to be enrolled.

Details about Maphunziro can be requested using the following email address: info@maphunziro.com or call +265 884309833.


Chingale Secondary School

Private Bag 3